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Chalet 't Musje

Chalet 't Musje in Barvaux is ideally located as a base for various excursions



The Diamond Museum
Ardennes center of diamonds and silversmithing that will certainly delight enthusiasts.

It is a workshop where a craftsman shows the public how he polishes diamonds or melts gold and processes it into jewelry (but small)


Rue de la Prevote 2

Phone: 086/21.31.92 - Fax: 086/21.31.93



The Domain of Hottemme
Free all year round.

Reserved for walks. Park landscaped with flowers and plants.


Public green space intended for walks. Wooded park full of flowers. Exhibition: fauna, flora, rural life. Unique in Belgium: a collection of 50 bioramas with: mammals, according to, reptiles, amphibians and insects.


Domaine de Hottemme Route de Heyd 58 - 6940 BARVAUX

Phone: 086/21.30.11 - Fax: 086/21.04.50



The megalith museum
This museum provides an overview of recent archaeological information about prehistoric cultures. A must for lovers of mythical stones...


Place Arsene Soreil 7 – 6940 Weris

Phone: 086/21.02.19 - Fax: 086/21.00.69




The Exhibition Center
This museum gives you an idea of the objects from the daily life of our (great) grandparents, religious objects, tools, musical instruments, fossils, ...


Place de la Pierre 10 -6940 Weris

Phone: 086/21.33.14 - Fax: 086/21.00.69




Pottery and Ham Museum
Enter and discover the history of the Blue Pottery of La Roche. Clay has a long way to go before she's on the table in another form. You can discover what this road is like through a modern rendering, which shows you the use of pottery over the centuries.

from the smell of the ham during its preparation to the roasting in the oven, the gestures, the smells, the noise experienced daily by the craftsmen in previous centuries can be found here.




Phone. +32 (0)84 41 18 78 - Fax. +32 (0)84 41 21 52




The tourist tramway of the Aisne
In the little trains of the past: motor trams with open summer cars or old-fashioned trailers, you will experience an unforgettable journey and discover the enchanting secrets of the Aisne Valley.


Dépôt du Blier - Rue du TTA -6997 EREZEE - Tel: 086/47.72.69 – 0475/47.87.60





Weekly markets

Barvaux s/O
every Wednesday morning

Info Barvaux Tourist Office - Tel: 086/21.11.65 - Fax: 086/21.19.78



Bomal s/O
every sunday morning

Info Bomal Tourist Office - Tel: 086/21.24.84 - Fax: 086/21.06.08



every 15 days - on Saturday morning

Info Tourist Office Hotton -Tél: 084/46.61.22 - Fax: 084/46.76.98





Durbuy Kayaks
Durbuy Kayaks is located in Durbuy and specializes in the rental of kayaks, rafts and mountain bikes. After that we offer various activities, e.g.: treasure hunt, restoration, etc.

Rue de lantigné 1 - 6940 Durbuy - Petit-Han

Phone +32 (0)478 339169



Animal park and caves in Remouchamps


The Maze Barvaux
The maze will take you to unexpected places, but it will eventually bring you back to where you started. You can therefore stroll at your own rhythm along the paths in the 11 hectare cornfield. and dream away.

Open from 09/07 to 25/09



Phone: +32 86 21 90 42 Fax: +32 86 21 32 66




Golf de Durbuy
The lanes seem to be intertwined with the sublime Ardennes landscape.

This creates a special character that will certainly appeal to the golfer.


Route d'Oppagne 34 - DURBUY - BARVAUX

Phone: 086/21.44.54 - Fax: 086/21.44.49




Durbuy Adventure
Adventure - Via Ferrata - Death-Ride - Speleology - Paintball - Climbing - Challenger course - 4x4 - Kayak - Rafting - Mountain bike - Treasure hunt - Organized weekends - Team-building weekends.

Phone: 086/21.28.15 - Fax: 086/21.20.07




Topiari Park
A unique collection for Europe of "carved" boxwood trees on an area of 10,000 m².


Rue Haie Himbe 1 - Durbuy Tel: 086/21.90.75 - Fax: 086/21.90.76




La Petite Merveille
Mountain Bike - Adventure - Water Sports


Rue du Comte d'Ursel 51 - Phone: 086/21.16.08 - Fax: 086/21.36.86




Relaxation center
mini golf - pit pat


Avenue Philippart - Information at the Tourist Office Durbuy - Tel: 086/21.24.28 - Fax: 086/21.36.17




The Caves of Hotton
These tourist caves - a classified monument - are exceptionally beautiful, refined and spectacular at the same time.

The visitor descends to a depth of 65m to visit a gallery 200m long and 35m high, the largest in this country.


6990 Hotton-sur-Ourthe Tel. 084/46.60.46 - 083/68.83.65 Fax: 083/68.86.63




Le Chateau Ferme de Ny
In the land of Ny many surprises await you. Theater and spectacle alternate at a whirlwind pace. Horses, birds of prey, dragons, talking trees, stuntmen and acrobats fight for your attention.

Open only in July and August


Rue de Longchamps 3 - 6990 Ny - Hotton -Tel: 084/46.76.22 - Fax: 084/46.79.68




Recreational forest "Chlorophylle"
Recreational forest (9ha) with an open-air course along educational, adventure and fun zones and animations.

Closed from 15/11 to 15/03


Rue des Chasseurs Ardennais 60 - 6960 Manhay - Tel 084/37.87.74 – Fax 084/37.97.29




Han . Wildlife Park and Caves
The only attraction in Belgium that has 3 stars in the Michelin guide.

This attraction can be visited in three steps, by tram, on foot and by boat.

You can visit this park in a panoramic car that allows you to approach the main animals without any danger.


Rue Joseph Lamotte,2 - B5580 Han-sur-Lesse - Tel: 84/ 37.72.12 - Fax: 84/37.77.12




winter sports

If you want to go skiing for a few days without wanting to travel long, this is possible in the Ardennes. Although the Ardennes are not as snow-sure as the Alps, you can still have a lot of fun. Families, novice skiers and cross-country skiers in particular can have a lot of fun in the Belgian Ardennes.




Les slopes du Bénikè - Odeigne – Manhay




Location Domaine Madaleine - Rue des Grottes 68 - 4170 Comblain au Pont




Baraque de Fraiture



Modave Castle near Huy

Castle at Septon of the Harre Chrisna



Villages and cities

La Roche-En-Ardenne
The town is completely dominated by the ruins of a medieval castle from the 9th century. This castle stands on a spur of the Deister, a rocky plateau above the city. La Roche-en-Ardenne is the capital of the Coeur de l'Ardenne, the centrally located 'Heart' of the Ardennes.


Durbuy 'Smallest city in the World'. This clever slogan has attracted millions of tourists to Durbuy. It is a lovely little town that lived up to their expectations. It is only 150 meters above sea level, on the border of Condroz, Famenne and the early Ardennes, hidden in the Ourthe valley, at the foot of the 'Falize', a rock made of folded, semi-circular layers of limestone.



The robust medieval castle above the old town of Bouillon dominates a large part of the valley of the Semois. Bouillon, beautifully situated on the meandering river, is a pleasant tourist town. It is the only town of significance in this area, although it barely has more than 3000 inhabitants. Anyone who has not seen Bouillon has missed one of the highlights of a visit to the Ardennes.


This place with 1300 inhabitants is the attractive and picturesque center of the Upper Ourthe. Around the place are again those endless forests. In the center is still a German Panther tank.


This is one of the queen towns of the Ardennes. Just an hour's drive from Brussels, it lies elongated on both banks of the Meuse, in the shadow of a citadel.

Due to its beautiful location, Dinant is now completely focused on tourism.


The ancient city is located in impressive surroundings on both banks of the Our. In the old town, the upper town, on the right bank stands a huge feudal castle from the 9th century.


This very old town is located on the banks of the Sûre, close to the border with Germany. It is the most famous and most visited holiday resort in the Grand Duchy, and the gateway to La Petite Suisse for those coming from the north or east. The beautiful wine region of the Moselle is not far away. The old market square, Echternach, is almost completely occupied by terraces.


Luxembourg City is an old fortified city built on top of a steep rock. You can still see this clearly in a few places. On the Pont Adolphe and in the Chemin de la Corniche you have a beautiful view of the ravine.

Luxembourg City is the capital of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

It therefore has important shopping streets of which the rue des Capucins is the main artery with interesting side streets. It is largely car-free and, in addition to department stores, it also has exclusive fashion stores.




The Belgians seize every opportunity to celebrate, so carnival processions, processions, guild festivals, medieval parades, gastronomic village meals, witches' feasts, bonfires, fairs and fairs are all the rage in the Ardennes. Of the carnival parades, the folkloric procession in Malmedy on the Tuesday before Ash Wednesday is very famous, as is the Andenne Bear Carnival on the fourth Sunday before Easter. The procession of the Chinels in Fosses-la-Ville and that of the Blancs Moussis in Stavelot also take place on that day.


A number of places organize military processions in which soldiers and officers in empire costumes carry relics. The use dates back to the Napoleonic era. Impressive are the processions of Walcourt (Sunday after Pentecost), Florennes (fourth Sunday in June) and Gerpinnes (Pentecost), but the most spectacular is the Marche Saint-Feuillin of Fosses-la-Ville, which takes place every seven years. The next time will be in 2005.


Every year between July and October, the Festival of Wallonia is celebrated in many cities, with the highlights being the summer concerts in Namur, Durbuy and Stavelot and the autumn concerts in Liège and Huy.


A program is available at:


Festival de Wallonie

29 rue du Jardin Botanique

4000 Liège

Phone: +32 (0)4 122 3248


Furthermore, each village and each region has its own traditions and festivities. For an overview of current events, it is best to pick up the Agenda brochure from the provincial tourist offices. Below is an overview of the most important celebrations.


May June
Virton: spring festival May 1

Lavacherie: pilgrimage procession to the Bonne-Dame chapel on the first Sunday in May, followed by a cake feast

Wépion: strawberry party fourth Sunday of June


Olloy: Europe Festival second weekend of July

Vielsalm: On the evening of July 20, during the Sabbat des Macrâlles, large numbers of witches invade the city, while the next day the Fête des myrtilles (blueberry festival) takes place

La Roche-en-Ardenne: big fireworks on the castle on July 20


La Roche-en-Ardenne: Medieval Day August 4

Liège, Outremeuse district: Feast of the Free Republic (with processions, folkloric dances and Walloon songs), during the week of 15 August.

Marche-en-Famenne: Bird Market August 15

Herbeumont: Feast of the Wild Boar weekend of August 15

Chassepierre: Foire aux artistes, an art market graced by actors, clowns, magicians and musicians; in the first weekend after August 15th

Durbuy: Flower weekend fourth weekend of August


Saint-Hubert: International Hunting Days first Sunday of September

Namur: the famous folkloric procession with its Namur giants, historical figures and waders takes place on the third weekend of September, the procession is part of the Fêtes de Wallonia

Marienbourg: Steam Festival first weekend of October

Grand-Halleux: International Equestrian Festival Sunday before October 15

Bastogne: Nut Fair December 22

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